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Jon Clanton

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Pastor Jon was born and raised in Lakeland Fl..  At the age of 19, he read about about an Assembly of God church and thought he would go and visit it.  He gave his life to the Lord that Sunday morning  in 1983 and his life changed radically.  He got involved in the church's outreaches and began going into the local county jails and state prisons.  He preached his first sermon at the Bartow County Jail just a few months after he got saved.  He then went on to work at Teen Challenge of Florida and later at Talbot House Ministries as the Director.

Yvonne was raised in a Pentecostal church and knew God from a young age.  She graduated from Southeastern College (now Southeastern University) in 1989.  While she was at SEC, she was very involved in street ministry working with the homeless and prostitutes.  Soon after she graduated, she applied for a job as assistant director at Talbot House Ministries and was hired.  Jon and Yvonne soon realized they had a lot in common and fell in love.  They were married October 12, 1989.

Jon graduated from SEC in  December 1991 and in June 1992, they were appointed as home missionaries and sent to work at Brooklyn Teen Challenge and  to help plant City Church.  Their first son Stephen was born in NYC in 1995.  They were there until 1997, then they came home and Pastor Jon took a chaplain position with the Florida Department of Corrections.  He is now a Senior Chaplain at Zephryhills Correctional  as well as the pastor of Grace Church.   Pastor Jon has pastored Grace since January 2006. 

Their son Samuel was born in 2004.  Sam was born premature and blind.  He has undergone many operations and procedures to help improve his eye sight and his life.  He is developmently delayed but the greatest joy to his family.  Having Sam gave them the courage to adopted their son Shadrach(born 2003 adopted 2006) from China.  Shad also has severe eye problems.  God has become so close to them as they have walked through their life experiences and it helps them to relate to others.